Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tuesdays are a special day of the week for me and a few of my friends. It all started with a conversation I had with a friend about relationships and focusing on being true to ourselves. It is so easy to stray from this when we are being bombarded by life. Each of us have so many different things to keep in balance that being true to yourself can easily be forgotten.

Often these requests are all positive things. For me personally, I work, I go to school, I play sports, I take dance class, I have different groups of friends, and I have a boyfriend. I would never want to sacrifice putting full effort into any one of these things, but I know that I cannot being fully present to each without taking time for myself.

In an effort to not forget about ourselves, we came up with a code word that we can use to remind each other. TRUE. For some reason we always capitalize it. We remind each other to make TRUE decisions and to do something TRUE for ourselves...every TRUEsday. Our first TRUEsday was spent making something that would remind us of this. I painted this little canvas that I hang by the door. It reminds me every time I leave the house to be TRUE to myself.

Other TRUE activities have involved baking, spending time with a friend, dancing, or simply going to bed early. The most important part of TRUEsday for me is being conscious of the decisions I'm making and how they affect me. Little by little I'm noticing TRUEsday spilling out into other days of the week. And in the words of Martha "that's a good thing".

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