Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lesson Learned

This weekend my dad was in town and stayed the night with me. In celebration of Father's Day I made him dinner last night. We picked up some fresh sockeye salmon steaks and vegetables at the Granville Island Market and barbequed them.

Last year, when I moved into my current apartment, my dad bought me a little barbeque for my balcony. I was really excited because it was the first time I'd had a balcony and the opportunity to barbeque.

And then, fall came. It rained. I got busy and the barbeque rusted. Badly. I ended up having to throw it out. I felt horrible about it. That sort of thing bothers me. In fact, I listed it as the one thing I felt I failed at in 2009.

I considered not telling him and just replacing it before he arrived. I decided to be an adult and I confessed what had happened. I got the expected reaction of, "Oh no, that's such a waste. Are you sure you couldn't have salvaged it?" So off we went to pick up a replacement barbeque before dinner could be made. I had learned my lesson and would take much better care of this new barbeque.

Before he left, he helped me make sure it was covered from the elements and yet safely ventilated. We discussed how I could make a proper barbeque cover with outdoor fabric. Until then, here's my shiny new barbeque all safe from the rain.

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